The purpose of the group is to stimulate education and coordination of on-ground works across the Landcare Network area in relation to rabbit control.

It has been recognised that rabbits are one of our tenacious pests that threaten the livelihood of farmers, and the efforts of all landholders to manage their native vegetation, pastures, crops, and soil.

The group recognises that the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (and its forebears) and the Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) have done considerable research and developed significant educational material.

However, this information is often not easily accessible to the public and due to their close connection with the local community,  Landcare and Local Government are often the front line force in providing practical education and information on rabbit control.

The Moorabool Landcare Network acknowledges that reinfestation of rabbits can occur from neighbouring areas and these must be considered when developing strategies and projects.


Check out all our resources - including YouTube videos and links etc with rabbit information.   Please let us know of any additional resources which may be helpful to our landowners.


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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land and pay respect to their elders past and present.