Posting on your Facebook Page—some points

PDF - Create a Facebook PAGE

 Do not confuse a PAGE with a GROUP - different and a Group will not display in same way to promote you


  • A Facebook Page is great for your website as even the Facebook HATERS can see your most recent posts displayed on website   ...  without having to login or deal with Facebook.
  • Most recent posts will display on the website as long as you do NOT take more than about six weeks break in posting.
  • Posts can be scheduled for future dates—useful if you are planning an event.


  • Longer term information—best to go on website while short term updates, etc great for Facebook use. People do not often scroll down to see older posts and Facebook is not searchable.


  • Regular SHORT posts are best  ....  can include pics—add links to website etc
  • Encourage people to LIKE your page - add link to your email signature.


  • Everyone who likes it does not always get to see your posts [Facebook decides and wants you to pay to promote!]

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