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This 6-tonne excavator did a magnificent job pulling out large boxthorn bushes, exposing the rabbit warren underneath, which was then ripped and the ground smoothed down. The machine did the same work as a manual labourer might achieve in a full day – in about 1 minute. The operator on this occasion was Aaron Watts, AP earthmoving email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Happy to recommend these guys as they not only had to contend with a fence-line, but also a water main and Telstra cables

The next three videos were taken at our Rabbit field day in May 2014 




Feral rabbit numbers in Australia growing

Baiting with a baitlayer for rabbit control

Goanna swallows a rabbit on golf course - we need more goannas!

Bunny Bank - Rabbit Trap

Fumigation with phostoxin for rabbit control

Warren ripping for rabbit control

Fumigation with carbon monoxide for rabbit control


Spotlighting for pest animals


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Feral Scan - where YOU can register so we can get a better idea of rabbit problem in the area

Catchment and Land Protection Act (1994) 

Invasive animals co-operative research centre 

Department of Primary Industries and Environment 

Controlling rabbits in semi-urban environments

A good introduction to rabbit control on contractor Rabbit Busters website


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